caring for people around the world
All SPLAT products and ideas help people in more than 70 countries around the world from Europe to India, the Middle East, Asia, and Turkey to be healthy, confident, easy to communicate and enjoy life.
is a family run company that develops products for you our customers, as we would for our own families.
It all started with a dream to make the world's best toothpaste and the desire to help people - at least one person every day. When you start with a dream, and you aim for the best quality product development, scientific research and you are totally committed to the task, something truly significant can be achieved. We share the same values ??with you, our customers. Because we are just like you and want the very best for our families.
Delivery of ingredients
and inspection of raw materials
  • delivery of raw materials by components to the warehouse
  • batch sorting and preparation
  • quality control in the laboratory
  • getting raw materials ready for production in accordance with the loading plan
Mixing toothpaste in the tank
  • loading and mixing of water, binding, and moisturizing substances
  • loading and mixing of active and flavoring additives, extracts and enzymes
  • loading of cleansing agents
  • reduction of heterogeneity of the mixture
  • preparation for packing
Packing and packaging
  • receiving materials for building a tube
  • production of tube
  • puting tubes and toothpaste in the dosing device
  • dispensing inside the tube
  • sealing the tube
  • trimming the tube above the seam
  • packing in a cardboard box
  • assembly in a corrugated boxes
Delivery to
the store near you
  • transfer to the warehouse and storage
  • shipment to the shops around the world
the toothpaste
How toothpaste comes into the world and delievered to you
An innovative approach to ingredients, product recipes are the result of our own extensive research in collaboration with colleagues overseas and universities. Our own formulas are recognized worldwide (SP.WHITE SYSTEM, LUCTATOL).
Products made of
natural ingredients
Natural ingredients, essential oils and plant extracts are the very best quality.
Ideal for vegans
and vegetarians
We use only natural components of a plant origin in our products.
Not tested
on animals
We do not test our products on animals
Efficiency proven
Each product created in the research laboratories of SPLAT, is created to be the most effective solution for any particular oral care problems. 15 patents, clinical trials in the EU, Japan, Switzerland.
This toothpaste is the best one for treating
Natalia N.
This toothpaste is the best one for treating
I have been using this paste for about a year and a half and I can say that it relieves bleeding gums for sure ...
Squeaky clean teeth
Anonomous user
Squeaky clean teeth
I absolutely love this toothpaste, it gives your teeth a nice clean feeling after ...
Raspberry awesomeness
Anonomous user
Raspberry awesomeness
Love is a raspberry mint paste that has a really nice smooth raspberry flavour with a minty after taste. By that, I ...
Natural Ingredients
Birch coal
Whitens enamel and absorbs odour
Natural Ingredients
Juniper extract
Creates an unsurpassed antibacterial effect
Natural Ingredients
Papain plant enzyme
Gently brightens the enamel, leaving it perfectly clean and smooth.
Natural Ingredients
Grape seed extract
Effective against cariogenic bacteria Streptococcus mutans.
Natural Ingredients
Bamboo charcoal
Cleans away plaque and protects against caries
Natural Ingredients
Lotus extract
Intensively refreshes breath and has antibacterial properties.
Natural Ingredients
Active extracts of roots of bergenia, plantain and burdock
They have anti-inflammatory, disinfecting and healing effects.
Natural Ingredients
Calcium hydroxyapatite
Provides intensive strengthening of children's tooth enamel.
Each one of us
put heart into the product
Every product is given from person-to-person. Every product is made with love.
Research & development team
Manufacturing team
Marketing team
Sales team
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